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The North American Matting Association

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Our mission is to advance the matting industry with a focus on safety, the environment, engineering, sustainability, and economics. Learn more about NAMA on our website or join our association.

Our Pillars

The North American Matting Association is focused on the following five pillars.

NAMA is committed to providing an educational platform and repository for the sharing and discovery of information related to matting solutions for all members and for the general public. By encouraging learning, professional growth, and service to others, NAMA seeks to enhance the industry and standardized information for all.

NAMA places a major emphasis on safety. Throughout the association, we promote safety protocols, procedures and practices. More importantly, the development and manufacturing of products with NAMA certification standards offer the end user reliable products that will enhance project site safety with Preparation, Prevention, Protection and Responsive actions.

The NAMA organization is focused on developing very specific engineering standards for matting products which will assist in following the pillars of engineering: This conceptual understanding will include mat performance, the numerical details that matter and how to implement and apply matting practically to solve site access or ground condition challenges.

Environmental sustainability aims to improve human welfare through the protection of natural capital (e.g. land, air, water, minerals etc.). NAMA initiatives and programs are defined environmentally sustainable when they ensure that the needs of the population are met without compromising the needs of future generations. Environmental sustainability places emphasis on how business can achieve positive economic outcomes without doing harm to the environment in the short-term or long-term.

This pillar encompasses the development of products and practices that are economically viable for industry manufacturers and providers while balancing cost. If the cost-effectiveness of a new, more sustainable technology is much higher than a legacy one, it will be significantly more difficult to implement it within the industry. In supporting the industry, NAMA advocates at all levels that it will strive to promote products and processes that are economically viable.

Our Members

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“I joined NAMA because I want to be involved and informed on current issues pertaining to our industry, such as the establishment of grade rules. I also look forward to the benefits of meeting and working with other people In the matting industry as a NAMA member.”
Michael Record - Oxford Timber, Inc